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Dear New Resident:

Thank you for selecting the City of Mason as your home. We wish to take this opportunity to welcome you.

The City of Mason provides many outstanding services to its residents and businesses, including a nationally accredited police department, a service department that maintains the streets and clears the snow in winter, curbside brush chipping, leaf collection service, seven parks for a variety of recreational activities, and much more. These services are made possible by the income taxes collected from residents of the city and from businesses within the city. All residents and businesses are required to file a tax return each year.

What is Taxable- Qualifying wages are wages as defined by Internal Revenue Code Section 3121 (a) or generally, the Medicare Wage box on the W-2. Those wages could be higher than the federal and state wages. Also, other income received on a 1099-Miscellaneous is taxable, as are gambling winnings. Income from a business, such as a sole proprietorship as filed on a Schedule C, partnership and sub-chapter S corporation as filed on Schedule K-1, and rental income as filed on Schedule E, are also taxable to the city. Business losses cannot offset W-2 income; however, they can offset future business income for a period of five (5) years.

What is Not Taxable- Items not taxable include, but are not limited to, military pay, dividends, interest, capital gains, social security, and most other retirement benefits. If you have a question regarding the taxability of a particular item, please contact the Tax Office.

Filing Tax Returns- All employed residents, including full-time students, are required to file a tax return by April 15 for the previous year. A tax return must be filed for each year or portion of a year that you lived in Mason. As of 2010, residents employed in another city that had an earnings tax can take a maximum credit of 100% of the Mason tax due on the portion of their earnings taxed by the city where employed (provided that the city of employment has a tax rate greater than or equal to Mason’s.) Even if no tax is due, residents must file a return.

Estimated Tax Payments- Beginning 2016, the Mason Tax Ordinance requires the filing of a Declaration of Estimated Tax and the payment of 90% of your tax liability by December 15th each year.

Please complete the questionnaire and declaration form (instructions provided). Forward them to the Mason Tax Office, 6000 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason OH 45040. A tax return may also need to be filed for previous years (if applicable.) New residents must complete the questionnaire even if they have no taxable income. Instructions to help you estimate your tax liability are on the back of the declaration form.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 513-229-8535 or e-mail us. Thank you for your cooperation.

The City of Mason Tax Office