Trihealth and Mason


City of Mason and TriHealth

The City of Mason and TriHealth celebrate their 5-year anniversary of the partnership for the expansion to the Community Center.

This unique partnership has become a significant economic driving force while improving the quality of life for area residents. The facility was built on the foundation of a unique partnership with Mason City Schools.

Today, located at the heart of Mason, the facility has become the epicenter for fitness, health, recreational programming and promotional opportunities for local organizations and businesses. In 2007, the City designated TriHealth as the preferred provider for health services at the Community Center, with the vision to improve the health, education opportunities, and well-being of the community. The partnership with TriHealth brought an integrated medical care facility, including physical therapy and post-rehabilitation care into the Center. The partnership also expanded facilities increased programming opportunities provided a coordinated approach to community wellness and access to a broader market, helping to improve the financial health of the Community Center.

TriHealth is a leading health care system of physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help the City of Mason live better. The Live Well in Mason program is led by TriHealth’s Community Wellness Coordinator and Community Center staff, providing members of the Center and Mason residents health and wellness educational events on a wide variety of topics from sports enhancement to chronic disease management. Programs are customized for a range of audiences from children to seniors, and the screenings and other activities help to build a healthier Mason community.