city departments

The staff of the City of Mason is divided into eight functional areas. About 150 full-time and as many part-time staff work together to provide exceptional service value for your tax dollars.


Asst. City Manager Jennifer Heft

  • Oversees day-to-day operations of the city
  • Implements actions authorized by City Council
  • Includes Human Resources, Public Information, and Information Technology

Economic Development

Michele Blair

  • Works with businesses seeking relocation or expansion

Engineering and Building

Kurt Seiler

  • Administers yearly paving program
  • Inspects roads
  • Inspects water, sanitary and storm lines in new subdivisions
  • Plans, designs, inspects and administers major road and bridge projects
  • Ensures that plans are in place to guide future development, such as Zoning and Comprehensive Plan, and that the plans are followed and are up-to-date
  • Provides plan review, construction permits, and building inspections
  • Provides other engineering services as needed


Joe Reigelsperger

  • Manages city financial operations, including accounts payable, debt financing, and investments
  • Administers payroll operations
  • Monitors the city’s budget
  • Oversees collection of Mason’s income tax
  • Provides information about water, sewer, stormwater, and trash collection billing and fees

Fire Department

Bryan Brumagen

  • Provides emergency paramedic and fire services
  • Hosts a variety of community public education and participation programs
  • Manages Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Provides juvenile fire setters counseling program for the state Fire Marshal’s office

Parks & Recreation

Chrissy Avery

  • Provides recreation programs, educational programs, and community special events
  • Operates the Mason Community Center and Mason Municipal Aquatic Center
  • Promotes health, fitness, and wellness
  • Protects our natural resources and preserves open space
  • Provides individual, community, economic, and environmental benefits

Police Department

Levi Wells

  • Maintains law and order through enforcement of state and local ordinances
  • Provides safety services such as vacation house checks
  • Encourages safety awareness through a variety of programs
  • Sponsors the Citizens’ Police Academy and other public education programs

Public Utilities

Shawn Hollon

  • Maintains water reclamation (sewer) service for City of Mason residents and businesses
  • Treats up to 6.5 million gallons of wastewater daily, maintains 200 miles of sewer lines
  • Acts as the city’s liaison with Greater Cincinnati Water Works for water service to the city
  • Oversees stormwater management


Ryan Tyree

  • Maintains over 380 lane-miles of city streets, including street signs, roads, rights-of-way, storm sewers, traffic lights, street lights, snow and ice removal, street sweeping, right-of-way mowing, litter control, and dead animal removal
  • Maintains city facilities, including public buildings, tornado sirens, and city vehicles
  • Maintains City owned streetlights and acts as the City’s liaison for maintenance of Duke Energy streetlights
  • Provides curbside brush chipping and leaf collection to residents