Unemployment Benefits Scam

The City of Mason is dedicated to keeping the community safe. An Unemployment Benefits scam is occurring where a scammer is filing for unemployment using another individual’s name and personal information. The scammer is attempting to claim the benefits in your name. Typically, scammers arrange benefits payments to be deposited into bank accounts they have set up. Sometimes, an individual will receive a letter from Ohio Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) with a benefits approval notice or a new bank card is mailed to individuals who have not filed for Unemployment Benefits. Another way someone may find out about the fraudulent claim is through the individuals employer. Employers are receiving a letter of request for employment from ODJFS, inquiring on the employee’s status and hours of work. The City of Mason is encouraging residents to reach out to ODJFS in response to fraudulent notifications.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has been made aware of a high number of fraudulent claims regarding Unemployment Benefits. Although the Ohio Attorney General’s Office provides many services to help victims of identity theft, the office cannot resolve or make a determination as to the validity of a claim. Only ODJFS can make an eligibility and/or fraud determination.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has provided Identity Theft Basics information as well as frequently asked questions to assist in resolving this scam.

If you are ever unsure if you are being targeted as a potential victim, please contact the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services at 877.644.6562.