Heritage Festival Entries

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Mason, Ohio Imagine Us Now
Mason, Ohio imagine us now,
we grew from the start
with a pick and a plow,
Our needs they were small
through times that were tough,
But we managed to survive
with our sleeves rolled up.
Each family who entered and made
Mason their place,
made friendships with others and
filled up the land space.

Stores and buildings enhanced the small
growing town
and people kept coming from all around.
School was a must for families in need
and learning was started with vigor and speed.

Roads opened up and oh how they came,
to make this little town stand tall with its name.
William Mason you see was a clever old man,
who saw a future and would purchase the land.
He made us imagine as the future rolled on,
how we would enjoy this town from dusk until dawn.


My Mason
Welcome to the city of Mason,
where people are full of grace
where in 1815 William Mason
had a vision for this wonderful place.

The city of Mason is home to the Comets
who streak through the sky and fly free.
It’s a beautiful place to raise young poets
that can write and imagine and just be.

Right in Mason, there is a wonderful place
it’s called Kings Island and it’s full of fun,
kids of all ages love to visit this space,
where the best roller coasters run.

I am so lucky to call Mason home,
I love my school and have many friends.
This is such a good place that you can not clone.
Even if I travel the world, my journey back here ends.


Mims off main
For our short writing, we transitioned our readers to Mims Off Main in 1990 .While 35 years ago is not too long but there were still a few changes. Lisa Vitek, the store owner was very kind to answer our questions. Her store has so many beautiful gifts.

The Twist Birthday Gift It was finally the day, my best friend’s forever birthday. We had to get her the best gift ever. Right now we are driving to Mims Off Main, so fab. It is the best place to get gifts. ¨Omg, we are finally at Mims off Main.¨ I got out of our car, well actually jumped. I was so excited. I leaped up to the entrance realizing my family was far behind me. I had forgotten my bag! I dashed back to get it then rushed back over to the entrance. I stood waiting for my family to catch up. When they finally got there I pushed open the door with excitement. Then I was met with a big blush pink wall. I paused. This is not how I remembered the store. I unfroze as I walked around more I saw light bluish-gray walls, this seemed weird. As I wandered around I noticed the blinds facing the building next door were closed. Maybe my vision was blurry. I might need a little more light to see, I thought. Then I went over to open them. When I did I saw the gas station next door. That seemed normal, maybe they just painted the walls. The owner was filling up gas, no one was getting out of their car. I do not think I have ever seen that. I watched for a bit longer, he was checking a lot of people’s oil. I was not a mechanic but that seemed like a lot. I decided to look around the store to see if anything else was different. There were a lot of things that said ¨I love 1990¨. Then I realized why did I not think of this before .We are somehow in 1990 or maybe just me. I rushed to the register to check out .They might know something, I had not gotten anything yet so I grabbed a cute soap ¨Thank you for shopping with great vine. ¨ ¨Wait isn’t this Mims off Main¨ I said, ¨No but the new owner is planning to change the name to that, wait how do you know that.¨ ¨I think I somehow traveled back in time, do you know how to get back and am I in 1990.¨ ¨ Well yes you are in 1990. but I do not know how to help you.¨ I thought of all the books I read of time traveling, They might help me get out. I did not want to miss my BFFs birthday. I saw a small box. Maybe I have to open it to get back to my time,2020. That seems like something that would happen in my books. When I opened the box I saw a star-shaped block? I looked around and my mom was still looking at things. I guess she did not see anything different. I saw the door and a star-shaped hole. I ran over to see if the size of the hole was right. I stopped in front of my mom to ask her what color the red wall was {at least the color I saw was red.} She said gray this did not make sense! I rushed over to the door then put my thoughts together: It probably will take me back to 2020. I am the only one who sees this. I have to hurry so I do not miss her birthday. Then I pushed in the star. Yes, the store was like I remembered! I do not know how this happened but that was totally awesome.


Our Town Mason
Have you ever wondered how Mason became, well, Mason?
Or how about what this area was like before it was found?
Maybe it was a place for racin’
Or it could have been just a place for farming?

I think Mason’s unique like a golden ticket in a chocolate bar
Even though it doesn’t have a giant
Or a machine that gives you anything you want, like a car
Or a cloak to make you unseen like Harry Potter

But Mason DOES have lots of creative and friendly people.
Mason is our home, and we should be grateful
to live in such a beautiful community..
Positive attitude is everywhere in this town.

If our founder, William Mason, went through a portal
to see us living in his town during this hard time,
We would all be smiling, and he would be too,
because Mason is a magical place, where dreams happen,
and people smile brightly, even in the hard times.
Just like William Mason, the father of our dreams.


1963 in Birmingham Alabama Martin Luther King Bravely stepped out of his peaceful life as a priest and started protest for equal rights. Martin Luther King’s campaign to end segregation at lunch counters Drew Nationwide attention when police brought out the dogs and hoses And use them on the protesters. Martin was jailed Along with many of the people who supported him. Near the end of the Birmingham campaign, in an effort to draw together the multiple forces for peaceful change and to dramatize to the country and to the world the importance of solving the U.S. racial problem, King joined other civil rights leaders in organizing the historic March on Washington. On August 28th, 1963 over 200,000 Interracial people formed an assembly and peacefully demanded equal rights at the Lincoln Memorial. This process along with many more resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This made the government enforce Desegregation in public facilities as well as employment. The eventful year was climaxed by Martin Luther King winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The first signs of opposition to King’s tactics from within the civil rights movement surfaced during the March 1965 demonstrations in Selma, Alabama, which were aimed at dramatizing the need for a federal voting-rights law that would provide legal support for the enfranchisement of African Americans in the South. He led a march but instead of yelling and sings this march was lead with prayer. This shows how Martin was able to do great things by being peaceful.


There is something charming about a small town
Where the living is good
And the greeting is pleasant
A warm expression is on many faces
While kindliness extends to the stranger
For fireworks to commence
A sense of excitement fills the air
From the parade, to the contests galore
A new building, a new pool, a new plan
Enhances the small town charm


A parade fills the City streets
The sounds of cheering and marching bands echo
Children smile as candy is thrown
Sirens from police cars and firetrucks ring in celebration
of community spirit for this wonderful place
Neighbors greet other another with open arms
Schools, shops, restaurants, call this place home
A community bonds over the past and the future