Stream Clean Up

Stream Clean Up Landing

On August 1, Mason residents are invited to participate in a stream cleanup project hosted by  Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District and the City of Mason. The mission of stream clean ups are to protect and enhance our local environment and provide the opportunity for the community to explore local streams. While participating in beautification efforts, residents will also learn about how the City monitors stream health.

During the stream encounter, participants will be looking for macroinvertebrates, which are bugs that spend their beginning stages in water and their adult stage in the air and on land. These bugs are indicators of water quality and let professionals know the health of the stream because certain types can only handle certain conditions. Participants can also learn how to perform some simple water quality tests with testing strips in the stream.

Did you know that much of the trash we find in the stream reaches the waterway when it rains? Streams are located at the lowest elevation in a particular area of land, and that area of land is known as a drainage area or a watershed. When it rains, any loose trash and litter within a watershed can make its way to our streams by traveling along with the storm water runoff. The trash then collects in our streams, getting caught in trees and bushes and spreading out along the bank. Stream cleanups provide an opportunity to help improve water quality and protect wildlife.

Participation in the event is FREE, but we are asking participants to please RSVP using the below link.

Participants will meet at St. Susanna Catholic Church at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 1. Thank you for your interest in keeping our community clean! For more information, please contact the City of Mason Public Utilities Department at 513.229.8570.