Makino Park

address: 6100 Kopfler Court

hours: dawn to dusk

We invite you to bring your family and friends to experience Mason’s compliment of recreational amenities that further our mission for a culture of community wellness.

Makino Park is a one-of-a-kind asset for Mason and the entire Greater Cincinnati Region. This park encourages interaction and recreation opportunities that spans multi-generational users of all abilities in a peaceful and welcoming setting. Makino Park includes Common Ground Playground, FCC Field mini pitch soccer, a shelter area for gathering and programming, and restrooms all designed for park users to have an enjoyable experience.

Common Ground Playground

Common Ground Playground at Makino Park was designed in consultation with local parents of children with disabilities, a leading inclusive playground manufacturer, therapists and other professionals who work with children and adults with special needs. The playground’s educational, interactive environment is unlike any other in the region and goes far beyond requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act to bring new social engagement and sensory opportunities for children, veterans, and seniors. It’s an all-inclusive place where families can come together and enjoy a place to have fun.

For over seven years, Rachel Kopfler, President of the Mason Parks & Recreation Foundation has championed advocates and fundraising efforts for the playground. The Common Ground playground has received generous support from both corporate and individual donors. The butterfly wall recognizes many generous donors. Family, friends, neighbors, community, and partners helped through in-kind donations, fundraising efforts, and more.

The statue located at the entrance inside Common Ground Playground was donated in memory of Mary Scheeler. The joy she brought to family, friends and the community will never be forgotten. This statue represents happiness and evokes a connection to all children.

Early Childhood Wing #1 encourages children to explore a variety of textures, engages children’s sense of touch, builds skills in sound exploration, and lets children experience the rotational pull of gravity.

Early Childhood Wing #2 provides the opportunity for children to explore movement together including the Roller Table™ and Friendship™ Swing to swing face to face.

School Age Wing #1 has opportunities for development through swings as well as ways to help build balance skills. The Sway Fun® Glider provides a great social gathering point for children.

School Age Wing #2 inspires social and imaginative play through agility, balance, coordination, problem solving and strategic thinking. Children are encouraged to use both sides of their body resulting in better connection between both sides of their brain supporting broader learning.

The Movement and Sound area encourages children to explore music together and develop upper and lower body strength.  ZipKrooz® provides every child with the chance to fly.

FCC Field

The FC Cincinnati Foundation has partnered with the City of Mason to construct and donate a mini-pitch soccer field at Makino Park. FCC Field has been designed to be versatile and accessible with larger doors and special surfaces so wheelchairs can move freely. This inclusive mini-pitch field includes walls and netting to provide a safe environment for children to enjoy the game of soccer.

The inclusion of the FC Cincinnati Foundation mini-pitch project further emphasizes the uniqueness of Makino Park as well as the City’s ability to develop valuable partnerships that enhance the culture of wellness that contributes to the quality of life here in Mason.

Public use of FCC Field is available subject to scheduled programs, activities, and events. Stay connected for upcoming special events and programs at FCC Field.

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Adaptive Ball Fields

The City of Mason has 301 acres of developed parks with both active and passive recreational opportunities designed for individuals, families, programs, and sporting events. The design intent of Makino Park is to foster an all-inclusive environment for children and adults of all abilities to be able to play and interact with each other. Special play equipment as well as accessible facilities and structures are key elements that make Makino Park unique.

Adaptive Ball Fields at Makino Park will be built with inclusivity at the fore front and give every child the opportunity to play baseball in a fun and safe environment. For more information on how to make the Adaptive Ball Fields a reality, please visit