mason faqs

Frequently asked questions about living in the City of Mason


I have squirrels in my house. Who can I call?
Please call a private exterminator. City and county officials cannot enter private property to remove animals.

What large wild animals can I expect to see in Mason?
Ohio is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, from tiny insects to large mammals. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources website has an extensive list in their Species A-Z Guide.   Larger animals that have been spotted in Mason include deer, fox, and coyote. There have been some reports of a cougar sighting, but these could not be confirmed by footprints, scat, or any other evidence. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has information about cougars and what to do if you should encounter one.
If you see an Ohio endangered species (bald eagle or bobcat), please report the sighting to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at 1.800.WILDLIFE or call the Warren County ODNR officer at 937.372.5639.


What are the Trick-or-Treat hours for Mason?
Trick-or-Treat is traditionally from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on October 31.

street lamps

Who is responsible for burned out street lamps?
Streetlights in the city may be maintained and owned by the city, by Duke Energy, or by a homeowner association. To report a burned out or damaged light, please call the Public Works Department at 513.229.8580. They will notify the owner.

power outages

Who can help when my electric power is out?
Electricity for the City of Mason is provided by Duke Energy. All outages can be reported by contacting Duke Energy.


If I have a Mason mailing address and/or attend Mason Schools, why am I not entitled to some of the benefits that Mason offers?
Many people with a Mason mailing address do not live within the city limits. Parts of Deerfield Township have a Mason mailing address and may also be in the Mason School District, but they are outside the city limits. The earnings taxes paid by Mason residents help pay for many benefits that are not available to non-residents.

property taxes

Whom do I call about my property taxes?
Billing and administration of property taxes is handled through the Warren County Auditor’s Office. They can be contacted by calling Warren County offices at 513.695.1300.

volunteer opportunities

Are there any opportunities for volunteering at the city?
There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer! Click here for information.

post office

How do I reach the Mason Post Office?
Dial 513.398.8209. Most post offices are listed in the phone directory in the business section of the white pages, under Post Offices & Zip Code Information. For general postal information, visit the post office website.

Is there only one post office in Mason?
Many postal services are available at the postal unit in the symbiosis store at Mason Community Center.  Stamps, mailing supplies, and mailing services can be purchased whenever the store is open. Evening and weekend hours are included. Hours.


What is the number for the library?
513.398.2711. The library number can be found in the white pages under Mason Public Library.

license bureau

How do I call the License Bureau?
Dial 513.398.8928. This number can be found in your yellow pages phone directory under License Services.


I need information about the schools, such as how to register my child, the latch key program, or bus information.
Contact the Mason City Schools Administration offices at 513.398.0474. The schools are separate from the city and are overseen by different sets of elected officials.

road closings

How can I find out if there are any road closings in Mason?
For the current status of road projects in Mason, including detours, call the City of Mason Detour Hotline at 513.229.8502.

city ordinances

For questions about city ordinances, such as the noise ordinance, parking, solicitors, etc., please click here.

police services

Click here for information about police services and Mason Municipal Court.