street maintenance

Maintaining the city’s streets is important to driver safety as well as the appearance of the city. The Engineering & Building Department manages regular street maintenance in several stages.

street maintenance equipment

Street maintenance protects our safety

evaluating the streets

Each year beginning in January, the city’s engineering staff inspects the city’s public streets, alleys, and municipal pavement areas to determine where repairs are needed.

Several characteristics are considered during this review. Pavement cracking, weathering, curbs, rideability, and drainage are all evaluated. Streets are then ranked by the total of the points awarded to each of the street characteristics. The total becomes the “PCI” or pavement condition index.

Streets with “poor” to “failing” PCI’s are placed in the year’s resurfacing program. Streets that are considered to be in “fair” condition are placed on the list for micro-surfacing, crack sealing, and full-depth pavement repairs that will extend the life of the pavement.

This pavement management system provides a consistent mechanism for determining the streets eligible for the city’s street resurfacing program.

partnering reduces costs

The City of Mason pursues opportunities for partnerships with neighboring communities. Partnering with other agencies may allow for increasing the quantity to reduce the cost per unit and/or the ability to coordinate construction schedules to reduce the inconvenience to the public.

maintenance stages

this year’s projects

Progress on the road maintenance and construction projects for this year can be found here and by following us:

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