utility billing & payment

For your convenience, the City of Mason has arranged for residents to receive a single monthly bill from Greater Cincinnati Water Works that includes all utilities and fees the city is responsible for.

Your monthly utility bill from Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) can be paid by any of the payment options offered by GCWW, including online, by mail, or by phone at 513.591.7700. In addition, check, cash, and money order payments may be made in person at Kroger located at 5210 State Route 741 or 5100 Terra Firma Drive.

your bill

The utility bill you receive each month from Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) reflects your use of 4 services:

  • Water – fees are based on the amount of water used as indicated by your water meter. Water is provided to Mason water customers by GCWW.
  • Water Reclamation (sewer) – fees are based on the amount of water used, with possible adjustments in the summer for residential customers to account for outside usage. Sewer service is provided by the City of Mason.
  • Trash Collection and Recycling – fees are the same for every residential customer and are negotiated by the city, benefiting residents by lower group rates, not having to find a trash hauler on their own, and the convenience of being billed along with other utilities. The city is currently served by Rumpke.
  • Stormwater – fees are based on the amount of impervious surface on the property. Impervious surfaces include rooftops, pavement, and other structures that do not allow water to drain through them. The rate is the same for all residential customers and is based on the average residential property. For non-residential uses, fees are based on the actual amount of impervious surfaces. The stormwater utility is managed by the City of Mason.

Your gas and electric bills will come separately from Duke Energy.


From time to time, one or more utility rates are adjusted to keep revenues for that utility in line with expenses. The adjustments may be by contract, cost-of-living increases, or based on comprehensive rate studies.

Mason’s stormwater utility was implemented in 2001 in answer to federal regulations. It provides a funding source for projects that help control and alleviate stormwater issues in the city.

  • Beginning in 2017, a cost-of-living adjustment will be made to both utility rates on January 1 of each year.

Water fees are determined by Cincinnati City Council in coordination with Greater Cincinnati Water Works. Trash and recycling fees are set by contract with the city’s trash hauler.

Utility fee charts