pet waste

Protect our water resources…through proper management of pet waste.

Doggie Bag BoxPet waste is a major source of excess nutrients (what algae thrive on!) and bacteria found in retention ponds. Pet waste is a public health risk and should not be taken lightly.

Below are some measures you can take to ensure that pet waste doesn’t cause your retention pond to explode with algal growth:

  • Remember to pick up after your animal and dispose of the waste properly (throw it in the trash or flush it).
  • When walking your pet outside, bring plenty of bags to pick up waste.
  • It is nice to bring extra bags for other neighbors who may have forgotten!
  • Spread the word! Make sure friends and neighbors are informed about the negative effects of pet waste. At most city parks, the City of Mason provides doggie bags. Don’t forget to pick one up and make sure you throw it in a trash receptacle.