tax payments

Now you can make your quarterly estimated tax payments online. It’s fast, free, and secure!

before you start

Locate your completed Mason tax return from the previous year. It will contain your account number and the amount that you estimated for quarterly payments. If you used the tax tool to calculate and/or file your taxes this past tax season, you will also need the account password and PIN you created in April.


To make your Mason tax payment, click the “Online Tax Tool” button below. Then “click here” under the “Individual Estimated Payments” column. If you did not use the tax tool to file your most recent return or to make an estimated payment since you filed your return, you will need to activate your account in step 1. If you used the tax tool to file your return this past April, your account is already activated and you may be asked a security question in order to proceed. Click the button below to begin.

Online Tax Tool Button

manual payments

To make a payment without using the Internet, print a blank payment voucher for the appropriate year here. A voucher and payment can be dropped off or mailed to: Mason Tax Office, 6000 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason OH 45040. The City of Mason accepts cash, checks, money orders, and Visa and MasterCard payments. Visa and MasterCard payments can also be called in to the Tax Office at 513.229.8535 during regular business hours.

why make estimated payments?

Taxpayers who will owe Mason taxes that are not withheld by their employer must have 90% of their taxes paid by January 15 of the current year. The State of Ohio changed the due dates for estimated payments beginning tax year 2018. The new due dates are April 15, June 15, September 15, and January 15. Use the estimated payment option of the online tax tool to make your payments and avoid late payment penalties. If you need to adjust your declaration of estimated taxes due to changes in expected income, please contact the Mason Tax Office at 513.229.8535.