Police Services

The Mason Police Department provides several services to residents in addition to protecting the safety of the public.

fingerprinting services

City of Mason residents and individuals who need fingerprinting for employment at a business located within the City limits of Mason may visit the Mason Police Department for this service. FBI and BCI services are provided. The cost for FBI fingerprinting is $25 and BCII fingerprinting is $25, or $50 for both. Credit card and check payments are accepted.

vacation house checks

Vacation House Checks are provided as a courtesy by the Mason Police Department for homeowners who are out of town. Please submit a completed Vacation House Check form so that officers patrolling the area will know when you are away and have contact information. While you are gone and as patrol duties permit, officers will check for suspicious activity during the day and overnight periods.


A copy of any police report may be picked up at the Police Department during the operating hours of the administrative office. Reports may also be requested by mail if a self-addressed stamped return envelope is included with the request.  Reports are free for the first 50 pages. Reports over 50 pages are 6 cents per page starting with page one plus a credit card processing fee.

Traffic Crash Reports can be viewed online here.

tickets/court hearings

Contact Mason Municipal Court at 513.398.7901 or visit the Mason Municipal Court  website. Mason Municipal Court is located at 5950 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason OH 45040, in the north wing of Mason Municipal Center. The entrance is around the corner to the right of the Police Department entrance.

Juveniles who receive ticket/court hearings should contact the Warren County Juvenile Court at 513.261.1245 or visit the Juvenile Court website. Warren County Juvenile Court is located at 570 Justice Drive, Lebanon OH 45040.

The Mason Campus Safety Team initiative was developed in 2005 to improve safety and advance the partnership between the City, Mason City Schools, business partners and the community.  The Campus Safety initiative continues to serve as a leading model for communities and safety agencies throughout the country.  As a community partner, the Team serves as a resource for your safety training needs.  The following training programs are provided free of charge and can be tailored in length depending on your specific needs.  Please contact Nick Fantini at 513.229.8560 for additional details or to schedule a training.

Threat Assessment
The Campus Safety Team will visit your location and work collaboratively with you to identify, evaluate and address potential safety and security threats related to your facility and operations. Some areas that we can help evaluate include assessment of site security, financial procedures, and opening and closing routines.

De-escalation Training
This training offers tips and techniques through verbal and non-verbal de-escalation strategies.  De-escalation training provides individuals with the tools to calmly deal with people who are experiencing mental and emotional crisis. Members of the Campus Safety Team will coach your staff on how to use some of the same skills they’ve learned as part of their police de-escalation training to respond to an emotionally heightened situation.

Women’s Self-Defense PROTECT Training
This women’s self-defense class is intended to educate and empower you by improving your situational awareness helping you predict, identify, and avoid situations where harmful intent may be present. The focus of the course is on understanding and adopting personal safety habits that will harden you as a target, and prevent a potential predator.  This hands-on class will provide you some basic self-defense moves for when/where avoidance isn’t possible.

Active Assailant Workshop
Active shooter training is one of several proactive steps organizations can take to prepare employees and managers to respond appropriately to an active shooter or mass casualty incident. While the likelihood of an active shooter event is rare, all employees should know how to recognize the signs of potential violence and what their role is during an active shooter situation. Active shooter training strengthens and reinforces an organization’s emergency action plan and can help reduce the risk of an incident occurring. This Campus Safety Workshop includes an active assailant threat analysis of your facility and operations combined with a training session for your staff to learn strategies for preparing and responding to an active assailant incident.