brush & leaf collection

The city is divided into four areas for scheduling (see map). This makes it easier for residents to plan on when to take your brush to the curb.

brush chipping

Mason’s Public Works Department provides free curbside brush chipping for property owners in the city.

Crews visit each neighborhood once a month.

Each week, they will target a different quadrant of the city. Please refer to the map or the street-by-street list to see when collection begins in your area. It may be several days or more before the crews get to your neighborhood. Weather, equipment, holidays, or other factors may cause further delays. Thank you for your patience as we provide this valuable service to all neighborhoods in the city.

Except for Christmas tree pickup, there will be NO brush pickup in January, February, and March. Historically, snow and ice removal become the priority during these months and the need for brush pickup is minimal.

To help the crews during brush pick-up:

  • By 7 a.m. on the Monday when collection starts on your street, please have branches and trimmings from bushes and trees at the curb.
  • Do not put brush in the street.
  • Stack brush as close to the curb as possible, with the cut end toward the curb.
  • Cut brush to a length between 4 and 12 feet.
  • Stack piles so that branches do not become entangled.

Sorry, but we are unable to take:

  • Tall grasses, leaves, vines, yard waste.
  • Branches and trunks more than 4 inches in diameter.
  • Root balls and stumps. Please cut these off any trunks and dispose of them in the trash. They must be 75 pounds or less.
  • Short branches and twigs. These are too small to safely put into the chipper.
  • Railroad ties, landscape timbers, lumber.
  • Brush in containers.

If you would like a load of chips delivered to your property for your use, please contact the Public Works Department at 513.229.8580. Please be aware that the quality of the chips is not the same as mulch that is available at local nurseries.

Please note: Delays may occur due to weather, unusually large amounts of brush, and other unforeseeable circumstances. If your brush was not picked up and the brush was out by 7 a.m. on the Monday when collection starts on your street , please contact Public Works at 513.229.8580.

leaf collection

annual leaf collection occurs mid-october through mid-december

The Mason Public Works Department will pick up leaves at your curb. Bright orange and black temporary signs will be posted at the entrance to your neighborhood at least two days prior to leaf collection. Rake leaves into open areas along the curb, avoiding mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, parked cars, and other obstacles that would prevent the leaf collection truck from getting to your leaves.

Please keep in mind that weather, equipment, parking on the street, and debris mixed with the leaves all affect the crew’s ability to collect leaves. If your leaves are at the curb before the ending date for collection, they will be removed by the city.

Here’s how you can help the city meet its leaf collection schedule:

  • Rake leaves as close to the curb as possible and cover them with some type of tarp.
  • Do not rake leaves into the street or storm sewers; leaves clogging the storm sewers can cause flooding during heavy rains.
  • Do not rake twigs, branches, sticks, rocks, bottles, garden debris, pumpkins, etc., in with the leaves; these items can clog up the machine and cause considerable delay to the leaf collection.
  • Avoid parking near leaf piles. Piles blocked by vehicles will not be picked up as it is difficult for the truck and leaf machine to maneuver around parked cars.
  • If possible, please place leaf piles at least 40 feet from obstacles on each side.

Remember that wet leaves are slippery, and are dangerous to pedestrians, bicycle riders, and cars. Please keep your sidewalks free of wet leaves.

This popular service is one of several financed with earnings tax dollars. The collected leaves are provided to local nurseries and to residents who wish to use them as compost. If you would like a load of leaves delivered to your property, please contact the Public Works Department at 513.229.8580.

christmas tree pick-up

The Mason Public Works Department will pick up trees at your curb through the month of January. Please remove all decorations and place the cut end towards the street.