construction updates

2020 street resurfacing program

The streets scheduled to be resurfaced include:

Atrium Court
Bentwood (Crooked Tree East to the Cul-De-Sac)
Calumet Circle
Club Commons
Corner Stone Court
Crooked Tree Drive (Brewer to Bentwood)
Dona Jean Boulevard
Enterprise Drive
Hickory Woods Drive (mason Road to Terrace Drive)
Hogan Court
Shagbark Court
Sarah Drive (Angeline to the Roundabout)
Jeffery Court
Donna Jean Boulevard
Lakeridge Court
Lakewood Drive
Laura Lane (Full Curb Replacement)
Longden Court
Margaret Court (Terrace Drive to Angeline Lane)
Maxwell Drive (Mason Road to Roundabout)
N. Ascot Place
Parlor Court
Pimlico Court
Range Court
Raynor Court
Ross Lane
S. Ascot Place
Snider Road (Roundabout south to Timber Court/Green Meadow)
Stepping Stone Drive (Parlor Court to Terrace Drive)
Thornberry Court (Roundabout to Glen Brook)
Ventura Drive

Construction is scheduled to occur between May and November. Please be alert and drive carefully through work zones. For more information on City projects, please visit our Project Mason site. Stay Connected:

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