e-mail correspondence

Dear Mason Taxpayer,

As part of the city’s strategy to reduce costs, may we communicate with you by e-mail in the future?

We found that many residents did not use the printed tax forms that were mailed to them in January of each year. Instead, they found it more convenient to use our tax filing tool or to print the forms from our web site. In 2011, we began mailing a letter detailing how to get tax forms in lieu of the tax form itself.

For your convenience and to help us further reduce our costs, we would like to send you tax form notices and payment vouchers via e-mail. When sending confidential information we will use our Secure E-mail service, which uses military grade encryption to protect you.

To allow us to contact you via e-mail, we must have your written approval. Please fill out the form at the link below and return it via mail or fax. You may include it with your quarterly payment. You may also send us an image of the filled-out form via e-mail.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in the most efficient way possible.


City of Mason Tax Office

e-mail correspondence authorization form