protect our water resources

Water is our most precious resource.

In 2012, the nation celebrated the 40th year of the passage of the Federal Clean Water Act. The Act created laws that protect the country’s most valuable and non-replaceable resource—water. Since 1972, governments at the federal, state, and local levels have been committed to an ongoing effort to improve the quality of water throughout the United States.


Protecting our water affects both household and recreational uses. Photo by George Paraskos

The City of Mason is proud of its efforts to protect its most valuable resource and continues to be very active in promoting the benefits of clean water and its contribution to the quality of life in the city. From the state-of-the-art Water Reclamation Plant, which meets and exceeds current EPA standards for processing sewer water, to the multiple restoration projects along Mason streams, the city has initiated a number of construction projects over the last ten years to protect local water quality.

The city’s Public Utilities Department is responsible for operating the Water Reclamation Plant and maintains seven lift stations, over 200 miles of sewer lines, and over 3,000 manholes. The department conducts annual sewer line smoke testing and inspections, maintains and tests over 90 city-owned backflow devices, conducts inspections of sewer lines, responds to calls and inquiries, performs daily lab tests to ensure compliance with EPA guidelines, and works with over 11 permitted industries within Mason to ensure compliance with the Industrial Pretreatment Program.

Though Mason has made great progress in reducing pollution during the past 40 years, many challenges remain. Everyone must work together to provide clean water for our families and for future generations. Everyone has an impact on the water and we are all responsible for making a difference. Here are some things you and your family can do to help protect local streams and improve water quality:

Every person deserves clean water – it is vital for our health, communities, environment and economy. Let’s work together to protect clean water for our families and future generations. Water is worth it.

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