street striping

Pavement markings are an important safety feature for motorists and pedestrians.

street striping

The annual street striping program renews pavement markings

Each year, the city reviews the streets and bids the Street Striping Program. The program is designed to refresh the striping that has faded or is worn away due to traffic conditions throughout the city. Not every street in the city is redone each year.

There are several ways in which street markings may be applied.

  • When a new surface is applied to a street, a form of striping called “thermoplastic” is used. Thermoplastic material is supplied in solid form and heated to a plastic state for application. The thermoplastic striping will last 8 to10 years depending on the traffic conditions.
  • Traffic paint is applied when the pavement temperature is 40°F or above. Traffic paint can be used on new or old pavements. Paint is the most cost effective way to rejuvenate old pavement markings.
  • Preformed plastic is a homogenous plastic film. The preformed plastic has a precoated adhesive and an easily removed backing to protect the adhesive in storage and to permit rapid application. The adhesive allows the preformed plastic material to be re-positioned on the pavement surface before the material is permanently set into position by rollers.

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