Reduction in Sewer Rates

In November 2022, Mason City Council unanimously authorized a reduction to the residential and commercial sewer utility rate, effective January 1. The rate reduction is estimated to have a minimum $150 annual savings for residents and $125 annual savings for commercial customers. Customers can anticipate seeing this reduction reflected on their bill received in February.

In 2004, the City’s Water Reclamation Plant was constructed as a key component to the economic growth that directly impacts the services and amenities Mason residents enjoy. At the time, sewer rates were established with annual adjustments based upon usage, growth, and the need to pay off the debt used for construction. The Sewer Bonds were paid off earlier than scheduled which created an opportunity for the City to reevaluate sewer rates. The City contracted with the firm Environmental Rate Consultants to conduct a Sewer Utility Rate Study. A substantial amount of current and historical data was provided by the City and Greater Cincinnati Water Works to build a model to project the future needs of the sewer utility and evaluate rate changes. The rate study ultimately indicated the ability for a sewer rate reduction for both residential and commercial users.  This was accomplished first by reducing the fixed rate charged to residential and commercial users.  Then realigning consumption rate scales for residential users to be reflective of consumption rate scales for commercial users-resulting in a 7% reduction in consumption rates for residential users.  Ultimately, these changes resulted in a 46% reduction of the minimum usage amount for all residential customers and a 42% reduction for commercial customers.

This is a significant achievement for the City of Mason and reflects the City’s good financial management, strong credit rating, elimination of debt and strategic economic development activity.

Understanding your Utility Bill

For convenience, residents receive a single monthly utility bill from Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) for water, sewer, waste, recycling, and stormwater services. View the image below to better understand your utility bill. For a printable version, click here.

Waste & Recycling

The City of Mason contracts with Rumpke Waste & Recycling Services for private waste collection. A municipal contract helps residents receive the best value and most effective waste and recycling services.

City Services such as brush chipping, leaf removal, and Christmas tree recycling are popular programs that help to keep waste collection costs low.

Residents will experience an increase to their monthly waste and recycling rates moving from a monthly residential rate of $16.97 to $20.10 per month.

City of Mason residents save approximately $200 annual compared to nearby communities that do not have a municipal waste and recycling contract.


Since 2002, the City has contracted with Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) to provide water operations in Mason.  GCWW publishes an annual Water Quality Report for its customers, which is updated by April 1 of each year.  To learn more about water quality, where Mason’s water comes from and how GCWW is protecting water resources please visit:

Historically, GCWW adjusts water usage rates in January to help cover inflationary costs.  Water rates are based on usage with a set minimum amount.  GCWW has approved a 5.5% increase in rates for 2023.

Every person deserves clean water – it is vital to our health, communities, environment, and economy. Let’s work together to protect clean water for our families and future generations. Learn more here.


The City’s stormwater system captures runoff from rain and snow to help prevent flooding along roadways and throughout the community. Storm drains, also know as catch basins, are located along the curbs of streets or other low lying areas and transports stormwater directly to ponds and streams. It is important that these areas are kept free from pollutants such as yard/pet waste, oils, household cleaning products, and other chemicals. Keeping our stormwater system clean is key to the environmental safety of Mason.

The Stormwater Utility Fee was established in 2001 to provide a funding source for stormwater management projects in the City.  The Stormwater Utility Fee for 2023 is $4.70 per month for residential properties and is based on a calculation of impervious area for commercial properties.

For additional questions regarding your utility services, please contact the Mason Utility Helpline at 513.229.8533.