athletic complex request

City of Mason – Park & Recreation Department

Athletic Complex Usage Policy

Mason athletic complexes are under constant use and demand therefore this policy has been established to offer everyone an opportunity to submit usage proposals.

Request Procedures & Policy

The following procedures apply for scheduling athletic complexes:

  1. Requests will be accepted only on the Park & Recreation Request Form.
  2. Forms must be received at the City of Mason Municipal Center Customer Service counter by Friday, January 20, 2016 for all field and event requests.
  3. Fields are available beginning April 1 until October 31 of each year. Requests for fields before or after these dates will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to added user fees.
  4. Priority in scheduling will always be given to groups with at least 65% of its participants and coaches that are City of Mason residents, a maximum of two coaches will be counted toward residency; teams under this requirement are subject to additional fees.

Facilities will be scheduled using the following priority list approved by the Parks and Recreation Department:

  1. Parks & Recreation Department acquired activities and events
  2. Mason School District (prior to 6 pm, Monday-Friday)
  3. Mason recreational organizations
  4. Mason competitive organizations
  5. Adult competitive organizations
  6. Non-Mason recreational organizations
  7. Non-Mason competitive organizations
  8. Single teams
  1. Requests for tournaments or special events will be handled by the park special event process.
  2. All park facilities will be maintained at a basic level.  An increase in service level can be chosen on the request form.
  3. Groups utilizing park facilities for games must provide City of Mason staff with complete weekly game schedules prior to game start dates. Field maintenance and use must follow City of Mason maintenance policies.
  4. Damage or violation of regulations in park or joint use areas may lead to groups and/or individuals being ejected or banned from further use of park areas.  Use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.  Permits for signs, tents and banners must be approved by the City of Mason prior to posting.
  5. Required: The City’s Community Events Coordinator, on each organizations email lists for updates, schedule changes and organization information. Passwords to view scheduling charts should be given to this City of Mason staff member prior to usage of fields.

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