sundin fields at heritage oak park

sundin fields at heritage oak park

Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park is home to ball fields and playgrounds

address: 4601 US 42 North

acres: 79

hours: Dawn to dusk

park amenities:
children’s playground
baseball/softball fields
soccer fields
lighted tennis courts
lighted basketball courts
paved paths
picnic shelters
charcoal grills (bring own charcoal)
drinking fountain
concessions (baseball season only)
lightning prediction system
handicap-accessible areas

Dedicated in 1976 in honor of the country’s bicentennial, Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park is the city’s largest, with soccer, tennis, softball, and basketball facilities. With these facilities, the park serves many families involved in local sports organized by groups such as SAY soccer and MYO baseball and softball. The lighted basketball and tennis courts are open for free play when not used for scheduled programming. The park also has one children’s playground, two picnic shelters, and restroom facilities. Paved trails around the park make a circular mile.

Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park has a special lightning prediction system notifying guests of the potential for lightning in the area before it strikes. A lightning prediction system detects atmospheric conditions likely to produce lightning strikes in the area and sounds an auditory alert, warning those nearby that lightning is imminent and giving the chance to find safety before the storm actually impacts the area.