The Cincinnati Open Tennis Tournament

Witness the rise to victory this summer in Mason, Ohio as the world’s best tennis players compete at the Cincinnati Tennis Open August 11 – 19, 2024. For more information regarding the 2024 Cincinnati Tennis Open or to get involved, please visit

The Cincinnati Open recently announced exciting news that the tournament will undergo an extensive, campus-wide renovation planned to improve fan and player experience in anticipation of the 2025 tournament. The work represents the next stage of a $260 million investment in upgrades that Beemok Capital committed to when announcing their intention to keep the tournament in Mason for the next 25 years.

The City of Mason is proud to be a foundational partner with Beemok Capital on this development in order to retain and grow the tournament in Mason. This investment will create a vibrant, inclusive sports campus with year-round activities. This is a legacy project for Mason and the region, bringing new emergency and activity to this walkable entertainment district. To learn more about the tournament’s campus transformation, click here.

The City of Mason is excited to announce that the legacy of the Cincinnati Tennis Tournament will continue in Mason, Ohio! Thank you players, volunteers and fans for embracing tennis over the course of the tournament’s 44 year history in Mason. The effort to keep tennis in Mason involved a collaborative effort by partners at Warren County and the State of Ohio as well as Cincinnati’s and Mason’s business community. The City of Mason is grateful for the unwavering support and dedication that was involved in retaining this world-class sporting event in Mason.

  1. Secure Long-term Home for Tennis – City remains committed to the ongoing long-term retention of the Cincinnati Open and growing tennis for the state and region. The stadium and golf course reside in an important economic, entertainment corridor along I-71.  Collaborating to strategically align business interests with the long-term future of tennis remains a priority.
  2. Protect Financial Impact to Community – The City’s Grizzly Golf, property has a rich golf history spanning over 50 years. The course’s adjacencies to the tennis stadium and property give Mason a unique opportunity and relationship with Beemok Capital to enhance the high-profile entertainment and business corridor within our community.  The City has invested over $20 million for the purchase and improvements to the golf course to date and anticipates an additional $30 million projected investment for the future  – the City is committed to protecting our investment and the financial viability and future operations of this community asset.
  3. Smart Business Partnership – The City is working collaboratively to preserve the long-term home for the Cincinnati Open Tennis Tournament in Mason and through economies of scales aspire to grow the Lindner Family Tennis Center, adjacent property and facilities into a state-of-the-art development that enhances the experience for professional tennis, grows non-pro and community tennis/racquet programming, golf opportunities, community amenities and economic development innovation to the Region.

Founded in 1899 the Cincinnati Open has called Cincinnati home for over 124 years, with the last 44 years in Mason. The tournament is the oldest tennis event in the U.S. held in its place of origin and is the second largest summer tennis event in the U.S. after the U.S. Open.  It shares its status with the Miami Open, Indian Wells Open, Italian Open and Matura Madrid Open.  The men’s event is a Masters 1000 level tournament on the ATP Tour and the women’s event is a WTA 1000 level event on the WTA Tour. Rounding out the super nine top tier tournaments around the globe are the Canadian Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Paris Masters and the Shanghai Masters.

Volunteerism and philanthropy are at the core of what has grown this tennis event to today’s top-notch international sporting event.  The inspiration began 40 years ago with a group of prominent Cincinnatians who formed Tennis for Charity (TFC), a non-profit organization, who devised a unique way to use the tournament to support their philanthropy including growing tennis in the region by helping inner city youth.

In 1979, a stadium designated specifically for the event found a home and forever changed the landscape along I-71 in Mason. In 2002, Mason’s relationship with Tennis for Charity grew as the City provided a financial commitment to retain and continue to grow the event. And it did.  In 2010, the new west building, the Paul Flory Player Center, opened and in 2011 and 2012 the tournament announced significant upgrades to the facility and grounds.  In 2011 the men’s and women’s tournaments combined into a 10-day event. Today the facility features a total of 17 courts, including four tennis stadiums – Center Court, Grandstand Court, Stadium 3, and Porsche Court 10 – and is among the few venues other than the Grand Slams with more than two permanent stadiums. This footprint provides 23 acres of space for players, media and fans, a ticket office, entry plaza, food court and exhibit areas for fans to enjoy a close-up experience with the top men and women tennis greats in the world. To the region, the event boasts over $80 million in annual economic impact. For ten days out of the year the tournament elevates the State of Ohio, the City of Mason and Warren County to an international stage helping to further economic development initiatives and enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors to Mason. 

Who is Beemok Capital?

In October 2022, the tournament was sold by the U.S. Tennis Association to Beemok Capital – a financial services firm headed by Charleston-based businessman and philanthropist Ben Navarro.

What are Beemok’s plans for the Tournament?

The ATP Tour’s OneVision plan requires all 1000 Masters Series events — such as the Cincinnati Open — to expand to a 96-player field and two weeks of competition by 2025 while delivering an elite fan experience.  Beemok Capital has proposed a public/private partnership investment of $260 million for improvements needed at the stadium to expand the tournament by 2025.  Beemok has indicated that their goal is to create a year-round racquet venue.

Who owns the tennis stadium?

The tennis stadium and adjacent property is owned by Tennis for Charity. Beemok Capital has the first right of refusal to purchase the property from Tennis for Charity. Beemok will transfer that right and the City will purchase the stadium and adjacent property for $15 million.

Who owns the Grizzly Golf Course?

The City of Mason purchased the Grizzly Golf Course in 1996, to protect the course from being redeveloped into multifamily residential housing. The City contracts with Recreational Management Services (RMS) to operate the golf course.

Are there plans to close the Grizzly Golf Course?

No. Mason has been home to the Grizzly since 1972.  Over the past 50 years, the Grizzly’s prominent grounds have been walked by beginners, amateurs, pros, fans, and legends alike. The course has a rich history in our community and enhances Mason as an entertainment destination.  The partnership with Beemok Capital provides an opportunity to enhance golf operations and solidify the viability of this community asset. 

Will the Golf Course Remain Open during Beemok’s Construction?

Yes, We anticipate the course remaining open throughout construction.  However, golf patrons may experience changes to traffic patterns, construction noises and occasional unexpected disruptions. The City and RMS understand the importance of our guests’ experience and are committed to minimizing construction impacts.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Why was the Social Lodge Demolished?

On May 1, 2024 the Social Lodge at the Grizzly Golf Course was removed in preparation of Beemok’s plans for the 2025 Tournament.  Those plans include a new player facility with amenities for shared golf, tennis and racquet sport operations.  Beemok’s plans are still being developed.  Recreational Management Services (RMS) is communicating and continues working with groups/individuals with events scheduled at the Lodge.

Who Will Manage the Tennis Stadium and Facilities?

Beemok will be responsible for the daily management of the tennis stadium and supporting tennis/racquet sport facilities.  RMS will continue to manage golf course operations for the City.

Will the Public have Access to the new Facilities?

Beemok’s preliminary plans for the site include year-round programming for tennis, racquet sports and music venues. Those plans also include restaurant and event space.

Through proactive partnerships, the City has been able to maximize collaborative success at the Cincinnati Open each year and these numbers are enhanced through the growth and future of tennis in Mason. Some of these Cincinnati Open highlights include:

  • 1 of 3 Master Level tennis events in the U.S.
  • 1 of the 9 most coveted tournaments in tennis outside of the four Grand Slam events.
  • 4th most watched sport in the world by number of fans.
  • Ohio is 1 of only 4 states to host a tennis event of this magnitude.
  • Established volunteer base with over 1,400 volunteers supporting the event.
  • Established fan base that is double the size of the Super Bowl.
  • Over 7,000 parking spaces on site or adjacent to the site offering easy access for visitors.
  • Over 35,000 hotel rooms within a 20-minute radius of the Linder Family Tennis Stadium.
  • 4 international airports provide easily available access to the event, including CVG, DAY, CMH and IND.
  • Broadcasted in over 192 global markets.
  • Over 126 million international viewers.
  • Visitors from over 50 states and 39 countries.

The City of Mason looks forward to working with our partners at Beemok Capital as we move forward in building upon the rich history and success of the Cincinnati Tennis Open in Mason!