Onyx is comprised of a mixture of asphalt emulsion, angular fine aggregates, recycled materials, polymers and catalysts. Onyx is designed to fill minor cracking and provide pavement surface skid resistance.

benefits of onyx:

  • Fills the minor cracks extending the useful life of asphalt by keeping air/water out, stopping oxidation.
  • Improves safety by providing a skid resistant surface.
  • Uniform black color that provides aesthetic value.
  • Minimal downtime.

placing onyx the roadway requires the following steps:

  1. Repairs made to the surface course.
  2. Crack seal the surface course.
  3. Placing of the Onyx.
  4. Pavement striping placed, where applicable.

There may be delays between each step due to the type of maintenance and/or the contractor’s schedule. We work with the contractor to complete the items in a timely manner but try to be flexible enough to get the best pricing.

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